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The method of revaluation of expected resources of precious metals and their stocks in the off-balance sheet deposits of ores, large-scale

Enterprise of "Grant" conducted research, the main focus of which was to increase the reliability of the determination of gold in geological samples and comparing the results with those obtained by the traditional method of sample preparation (OST 41-08-249-85).The studies were conducted on samples from the field "Natalka" ("Mine.Matrosov ").
is known that the error reduction of geological samples for thorough mixing is a function of pokuskovoy dispersion, mass and size of the sample material.The relative error reduction increases sharply with decreasing mass fraction of the useful component in a sample.The error of the sample preparation is minimal in the analysis of the entire sample, that is not economically beneficial (costly).
The research was aimed at achieving the lowest error of sample preparation of the operations of enrichment and determination of gold content in the selected sample of the concentrate and tailings otkvartovke, that is almost - an analysis of all samples.The gold content calculated on the balance sheet.
novelty of this method of research is the synthesis of the two main starting positions - a deep dissection of the entire sample and its analysis - carried out by using optimally-efficient technical equipment and technological methods.
We calculated the probability that a table of gold dimension from 0.1 to 0.5 mm in a specimen of mass 2 kg and 50 g of analytical otkvartovku.
Comparison of the data shows a reduced number of gold grains in a sample of 50 g.At low content (500 mg / t) gold particle size of greater than 0.2 mm practically does not get in the analytical otkvartovku.The specified range of size of gold falls almost the entire contents of only 5 g / t.
This shows that only the smaller size of gold, and a large mass (2 kg) of the original sample can provide the smallest error in sample preparation, which is especially important for objects with low metal content, are relevant to the present.
As part of a geological study performed by specifying the boundary balance the content of gold was set at 0.6 g / t.Was evaluated in 150 samples weighing 2 kg each.The samples were divided into three groups:(Intervals):I - content of 0.5 g / t, II - content of 0.5 to 1.0 g / t, III - the content of 1.0-2.0 g / t.
Results of the "Grant" differ significantly from the results obtained with "classical" method of sample preparation, exceeding them, especially in the range of small amounts of.The coefficients of these intervals, respectively:3.03;1.28;1.1.
method particularly effective at low gold content (range of 0.5 g / t), increasing their approximately 3-fold (k = 3,03) and thus converting these samples from the poor off-balance (0.256 g / t) in richer (0.776 g / t).
As the above results, the proposed method of sample preparation for assay could significantly change the evaluation of off-balance ore deposit "Natalka" (projected increase of 250 tons), translating them into the category of balance and perspective to be estimates of gold reserves in other similar large-volume gold stockwork -quartz (gold-sulphide-quartz) deposits (such as "dry log", "Vetrenskoe" and others.).
We believe in this method has great potential especially in assessing the probable reserves of precious metals, and in reviewing their resources in the undistributed fund off-balance ore previously discovered fields.
In the technological scheme of the method used high-performance equipment designed and manufactured by JSC "GRANT":Vibrator grinders IV-4 and gold hubs CEC-100-2M, autosampler equipped with tailings.
The method of sample preparation has been successfully working on the "Mine.Matrosov, "this year also introduced at the mine and" Funny ".
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